Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Lily!!!

Here's for all of you who say I haven't been blogging lately, two in one day!! This blog is about Lily. She is a wonderful little two year old girl that we have the privilege of having in our home once or twice a week. Her mom and dad are Jake and Christin. Christin works at a salon and does my hair by the way, she has me spoiled. Where else could I go where the stylist has been thinking about me and what she would like to do to my hair.  I love it she makes me look good and younger!! While she is at the salon we get to take care of Lily. As you can see from the pictures she is a lot of fun. All of us have enjoyed having a little one in the house again. Makes me excited about grand kids!! By the way she calls me "mom" and Steve "dad", that's what everyone else in the house calls us. She thinks that is our names and I love it!! 

Charlie Hoof Arted

Vince this one is for you!! In an earlier blog you saw the coming to life of Charlie the snowman. Well, I guess this could be the story of his demise. In the first day or two we had a storm which wiped off Charlie's painted on face. Vince had the idea of giving Charlie a new face out of orange peels and a Popsicle nose. After months of wind poor Charlie lost his head. At the end of April he was reduced to hair and one small snowball. However, all winter he reminded us of the fun we all had making our snowman!!