Sunday, April 13, 2008

Top of The Mountain

I made it to the top!! For all of you who know Grand Targhee ski area, that would be the Dream Catcher Lift to the top. Steve made me stop here to prove I did it. No, Jason it is not a fake backdrop, those are the Tetons behind me, great view at 10,000 feet up.The smile looks a little fake because I was looking down the mountain to where I was going to have to ski, and it was steep. OK, Emily I know what you were talking about wanting to swear!! Snowplowing down a mountain is not the way to go! Steve and Drew didn't like going so slow for me either!! However I did make it down alive and nothing broken but my pride. I have six months to work up the courage to try it again as the ski hill closes today for the season. There is still a lot of snow up there so our kids are up enjoying it one final day, and we are enjoying a little quiet time!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Josh's Birthday at the Hill

For Josh's 17th birthday we decided to take a day off and head to the hill with our good friends, Christin and Jake. The day was great, snow coming down but not too cold. First thing we hit "North Pole terrain Park", you can see some of those shots.After lunch we convinced Christin to ski as well using Dad's equipment, a little big but it didn't stop Christin! She said she hadn't skied since last year and wasn't that good, ha! She just took off with the kids leading the way. I did my best to keep up with them all. Each kid took her on their favorite runs, "Eyeball forest", "Bird Brain","Wacky Weasel Way", "Rainbow Row" and "Otter Slide". Most of those go through trees and have jumps in them, I don't do trees! However, one of the runs Ruth led us through "The Bat cave", I decided to follow them not knowing that Christin didn't even do it. There is a jump, not too big but enough to give me a little air and throw me off balance. Anna thinks I looked like a monkey trying to fly, not too flattering!! Anyway I hit the snow. Christin challenged me to go beyond my comfort level, and I did. Hey, by the way I did break my run record of ten, I'm now at twelve!!
After skiing all day Jake, a little sore, and Christin joined us to celebrate Josh's birthday with dinner and cake. Thanks you guys for making Josh's birthday special!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Record Break!!!

OK, I might be hooked!! Third day in a row on the hill. The sun was shining I think it was up to 47 degrees, we now have skiers tans. Today we set out to break my record of 7 runs in a row. We did it, I made 10! I know Jason and Joel are saying we told you mom!! April was a great help teaching me to make quicker turns and how to go down the the big bump section without getting out of control. Anna took me down a trail I hadn't been on before that was a little hairy, but I made it down. I didn't look real great and I took a few falls. My last run I decided to go Alley Oop Alley( the big bumps, now that I can do it), but I also wanted to do another run. I decided at the last minute that I could do both if I hiked across the meadow, now that is determination!!