Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ruthie's Trip to the Emergency Room

For those of you wondering how Ruth looks after a battle with the neighbor's treadmill she allowed me to take these photos of her. These are actually day after photos, she doesn't look too bad. I know many of you were called by a frantic sister who was panicking because she was home without mom when it happened. Of course, I was at the grocery store. After a bit of debate, mostly mom, who of course would rather do it herself with butterfly bandage and superglue, dad opted for the emergency room. I wasn't sure I could do it very well where it was on her lip. What did the doctor use? Superglue and steri strips, just as I suspected!! The worst part is she is supposed to stay out of the sun for six months or keep sunscreen on her wounds, yea right!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spring Was Short!!

Today is still spring right? Well, for most of you it is even looking like summer. However, here in Wydaho we are once again experiencing winter. I woke up and could tell that it was dark outside so I figured it was raining like the last few days. I looked out the window and saw white roofs on the neighbor's houses. My beautiful tulips were being frosted with the white stuff. 
What you can't tell from these pictures is that it was still snowing quite heavily, they are expecting about two inches at least, we have at least an inch on the back porch. This will definitely go down as the longest winter! Must be that global warming thing going on!! Steve and Josh hopefully will not have trouble going over the pass from Jackson tonight as they already took off the studded snow tires!! The pass always gets more snow than we do. The one good thing is that the snow on the ski hill will be good and the ski lift opens again soon for the summer season!! 
  So much for going out and planting the peonies that Steve brought home for me yesterday, part of my Mother's Day present from Jason and Karla. I guess that will have to wait for a sunny day. If we don't get enough sunny days my tomato plant from Josh will never produce!! Ah well, the problems of living in this beautiful country.

Ruthie's Baseball Games

Ruth joined a baseball team a week or so ago to fill out their team. Most times they had to forfeit the games because they didn't have enough players. Two of her friends were on the team and the coach goes to our church. She has never played baseball before, but she hit her very first pitch way out there! She only got to play three or four games as it was the end of the season when she joined, but she had fun!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Basement Buildout

News Flash! We started our basement project. We are working on framing out three bedrooms and a bathroom. We put 22' of hall wall up all at once, impressive. OK some of you do that all the time but not us! We have come a long way in our building skills. We got two bedroom walls up with two closets, when we ran out of nails. Yes, I know two in the family work at a hardware store, but our little town of Victor closes down on Sundays!! I will post more pictures as we progress.

Lorissa and Vince's Visit

We had a great time with Lorissa and Vince doing all the tourist things while they were here. We did the shoot out in Jackson and that was the most interesting shoot out I have ever seen!! Lots of dancing and singing, weird for a shoot out! We canoed on String Lake, and of course had a famous huckleberry shake. Vince had never actually seen the ground, or grass in ID/WY, only snow!! The weather cooperated mostly, although we did have some snow fall on us while in Yellowstone, and quite a bit on the ground in some places. We saw lots of wildlife and visited all our favorite spots in the park.