Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving to Durango Colorado

We left this:




We packed up our two moving trucks on May 21st with the help of some awesome friends in Idaho. We spent a short night on the floor of our house, woke up on Friday to finish cleaning and packing the last of the items: plants, cleaning supplies, bedding etc.
Steve was not too sure the rest would fit in. I told him I was awake very early figuring just where everything would go, we'll make it fit!! We drove all day Friday one 26' truck driven by Steve, a 16' truck with trailer to carry Josh's Trouper driven by our son-in-love Vince, the PT driven by Josh, Vince and Lorissa's car driven by Lorissa and last but not least me in our Suburban. You really didn't want to get stuck behind our caravan!!!

Victor now minus 8!

View from behind
We drove all the way to Moab, Utah got to the hotel about 9:30 crashed in bed and awoke at 4:00am in order to arrive in Durango by 9:00am. Driving moving trucks is a slow business! It was worth getting up early to get the great help on the other end unloading all our possessions.
There was a fantastic group of guys who unloaded us in about 2 1/2 hours! Thanks!!

Our destination! Durango Colorado

Lorissa and Vince spent a week with us in Durango and then they headed off to LA. They flew from LA to Washington to load up their possessions and move them to San Diego. A little more moving than they had hoped for. So glad for your help! Thanks guys!
This house is just a rental we will be here until our house in Idaho sells(please pray!) then we will move to a more permanent location. Come for a visit we miss everyone!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Good-Byes

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Sports Camp

Drew and Ruth got to participate in Sports Camp put on by several churches in the area and held at our church, The River Church. They spent every evening last week learning about soccer, singing songs, hearing Bible stories and having a great time. There was a great turn out for this VBS, about 150 kids each night. Hey, notice that Drew has no more cast! He has to wear a brace and thankfully he had no incidents while at Camp!! Thanks Erik!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Does life seem to fly by for anyone else?
I was going to post a blog yesterday but I started to download photos and realized that I can't really start from where I am I need to go back and catch you up. Yes, I must be one of those sequential people!!
Steve lost his job on December 30th, he was praying that God would open up a full-time position in a church. Not that easy with our family needs. However, during this time of waiting Steve and I were able to finish off the work on our basement remodel, and move the kids into their new (although temporary) rooms.
Our daughter Lyndsie was set to get married in North Carolina on April 5th. In March I had been madly trying to work on ring pillows, ties, vests and dresses. Just when we think that maybe God was NOT going to open up a pastoring position we hear that our friends who pastor in Colorado are losing much of their pastoral staff to various other things! Hummm! So, Steve lets them know that we are interested if they would consider us. After a couple of calls and a "lets get you out here", which we said we could do after the wedding, we got another call, "Can you come tomorrow?" Uh yeah, sure we're not really doing anything at all!!! Thankfully I really was almost done with my sewing, two vests and two ties left to do, so the weekend(Saturday) before we were to leave to drive to Asheville, NC we took a 12 hour drive to Durango, CO! We went to church on Sunday, their mission Sunday, and I could tell Steve was back in his calling! We talked, drove around the area and talked some more, by Tuesday we were headed 12 hours back home.
Wednesday morning it's back to sewing and packing for a four day drive to NC. Lorissa and Vince were staying with us, so we loaded up both cars. We left on Monday arrived on Thursday, rehersal on Saturday, wedding on Sunday, a little more time with friends and family, left to drive home on Wednesday arrive home on Friday. Is anyone tired yet, I know I am!! Had a fantastic time with family at the wedding, nice to have everyone together.
By the way we decided to take the position that was offered in Durango, so before we left for the wedding we put the house on the market with friends of ours. So, not only did we pack but we also moved furniture and took down family photos and made the house look its best as realtors would take photos while we were gone!
When we got home it was packing for three weeks then off to Joel's graduation. And why not throw in another trip to Durango on the way to LA to look at a rental house! That only adds 12 hours to the trip, spend a couple hours looking and 12 more hours to San Dimas - are we crazy? DON'T answer that! Many of you have been telling us that for years!

Our son on the "Big Screen", at Angeles Temple

He was ready to grab that diploma, before they change their minds! 
Proud parents
At Ryan and Abby's house to celebrate Mother's Day and Joel's Graduation.
Ryan, Abby, Steve, Joel, Emily, Lori, Lorissa, Vince