Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Hunt is On

Sunday was a beautiful day for finding just the right tree. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and only a little snow on the ground. All of that makes hunting a tree much easier!!! We set out after lunch to a new location not far from our house. We walked up the path the kids spreading out over the hill trying to find just the right tree.  Up the hill and over and starting back down and still no perfect tree? April and I discover snow berries on the path and start collecting them for an arrangement or a wreath. Down the hill and to the right on a different path I hear them yell, "We got it, come look!" Sure enough the tree looks pretty good, maybe good enough to beat Vince and Lorissa's tree!?!  Not that we were in competition mind you, but I did hear that Vince said he would pay the extra 20 bucks to have a tree to be proud of, not a Charlie Brown Tree. I think he was making fun of our last two years of trees!! Well, check this out Vince!!
P.S. Our tree was only touched by the hand of God not humanly sculpted like others that I know!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know I am not blogging! School, birthdays, anniversary,work on the basement, more birthdays, Thanksgiving, visits, skiing, more work on the basement, AAAAh!! How does one do it all?
So lets see there was Andrew's birthday, Steven's birthday, Ruth's birthday, Her 10 year party with friends and Lyndsie's birthday! Oh, did I mention an engagement in all that, where was my head? Yes, we had an announcement on Dec. 1st! I'm tired already and only two days 'til Joel's birthday and 16 more sleeps 'til Christmas!! Check out the photos.