Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know I am not blogging! School, birthdays, anniversary,work on the basement, more birthdays, Thanksgiving, visits, skiing, more work on the basement, AAAAh!! How does one do it all?
So lets see there was Andrew's birthday, Steven's birthday, Ruth's birthday, Her 10 year party with friends and Lyndsie's birthday! Oh, did I mention an engagement in all that, where was my head? Yes, we had an announcement on Dec. 1st! I'm tired already and only two days 'til Joel's birthday and 16 more sleeps 'til Christmas!! Check out the photos.


Lorissa said...

Your back! I guess you have a couple good excuses for the long blogging absence... but really, priorities!

It's great to see all the photos, I think Stevie is talking to us on the phone in his birthday picture.

Great job on the pinata too, looks like a fun month for the Quiz family.
Love you all.

jasonquiz said...

Wow my head hurt just reading all of that! I am petitioning to move all the nov and dec birthdays into another month of the year. Something far far away from christmas.

I loved the pinata it turned out amazing. You will probably be able to make a fortune off of Karla because she wants to have them at every birthday and celebration.

Also we are 1/3 the way through all the engagements only a few more to go!!