Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thru the Trees With Drew

Sunday the 19th was Drew's 8th birthday! To get him out of the house(so the others could decorate) I asked him to take a bike ride with me to get some fall photos, the day was beautiful! He and I headed up the dirt road towards the hills. The trees were so beautiful shining bright yellow with the sun streaming through them. With camera in hand I started to take pictures of the trees and him riding or walking through them. He insisted on taking photos of me as well. Only his were a little more artistic, thru the grass or the trees.  He actually had a good  eye for a picture. I can share what we did but how do I share his exuberance for a good photo,telling me Abi will love this one?  Or his patience while I took just one more shot!? How do I share his boisterous laugh as his mother zoomed past him riding her bike down a hill? ( By the way it was only due to the fact that my tires were bigger!!) His sweet smile when he got a phone call from his brothers and sisters to wish him "Happy Birthday"? I cherish all the moments with him I guess because he is our last and I know how fast childhood flies. I can hardly believe he is already 8 years old!! Hope these photos help you capture the moment.

Drew's Photos


Lorissa said...

Beautiful pictures...tell Andrew he could make it as a pro!
I'm glad we get to experience the fall first hand now, and not just through other people's photos.

Abigail Q said...

Ohhhh I love the pictures you took drew! I need a assistant .. wanna come live with me and Ry?? ;)

Super jealous of all the fall you guys get to see! next year we will have to come visit in october!

Lorissa said...

We need new posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an eye for such a young guy! Happy belated Birthday, Drew. Great shots capturing a wonderful day with your mom!