Monday, October 27, 2008

Death By Chocolate

My birthday morning dawned, maybe I was hoping to forget that this was the "BIG 50" this year, but my children like to celebrate!!
I smell hot coffee cake! Someone remembers! Candles and all, of course they are singing happy 48th birthday because they know that I would rather go backwards from here! I guess not really because God has been so good to me. Who would have thought that I would have 12 fantastic kids who would grow up to be more than I could imagine! That I would live in 5 beautiful states, move 13 times, pastor 5 wonderful congregations, have friends that live all over the world, and a larger family that has 90 plus members and growing! That's Blessed! So I won't be going backwards I will look forward to all that God has!
Well, back to my day! Steve had the day and took me to lunch. I had an idea that there would be more surprises to the day!  Even though Anna didn't tell me something was going on I could see it in her looks, her odd comments and the fact that the blinds were shut! I still did not know what was going on until I arrived home, opened the door to SURPRISE!! The ladies of this valley and the one over the hill were there to help me celebrate, WITH CHOCOLATE!!  There were so many chocolate goodies! All made by my friends and children. 
After the party and way too much chocolate, we had to let that settle, the girls and I watched a girl movie, no sheetrocking today!! About 8pm we sat down to a very nice steak, potato and artichoke dinner.  Thanks for the great day everyone!!


koko said...

Ohh my goodness....Girl Heaven!! I'm go glad to see you had a blast and tuns of friends over. Anna was so amazing for putting it all together. UMMM I want a chocolate themed party. Perfecto!!


Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful day for ALL. Love you, my friend.