Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sledding on Our Hill

We have a sweet little sledding hill in our back yard. It sort of goes from our yard, flows over the retaining wall and down into the neighbor's yard! Thanks to our son-in-love Vince we got permission from the neighbors to end up in their yard!
Here's Ruth and Drew at the top.

They decided it was a lot of fun to slide down penguin style.

Drew as a penguin. Maybe not so great on the snow clothes, oh well!

Ruth catching a little air.

The first few times they went down they literally ended up ON the neighbor's fence. Since mom didn't really want to do that Ruth decided to build a wall of snow as a barrier. She even slid down it first to prove that it would hold. Somehow her weight compared to mine is not really a fair test but I decided to try it anyway!
At the top...

Coming down...

OK, I landed pretty hard....

...but it was fun anyway! I love sledding!

Crazy landings

Best buds

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ben and The Mega Pizza

After setting up for the Daddy Daughter Dance we were treated
to the biggest pizza I have ever seen!

Yes, Steve actually measured the pizza and it was
really 26"!

The pizza boxes covered the whole table and our
table is pretty big! One pizza could feed an army, even ours.
Ben brought two!!

That is ONE slice! It's as big as Drew!

Even Ben could only eat two slices!

Ruthie and her mega slice.

Ben preparing for the olympic discus throw!
Thanks for the pizza and the fun Ben!
You are one of a kind!
We love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This week I spent an hour on the phone crying with a sweet friend of mine who recently had a
miscarriage. She was asking all the normal questions... Why did He make me pregnant just to take her away?...What did I do wrong?...Will it happen again?...How could He let this happen?...Do You love me?
I really don't have the answers, but I have asked all the questions many times. Some of the questions we ask can not be answered this side of heaven!

That same morning the kids and I had read the account in Mark about Jesus walking on the sea
out to tired, terrified disciples. And just that morning, I wrote in my journal these words....
"The storms of life are not because You do not love us but because You DO. They are meant to force us into and encounter with an awesome God. Thank You that You always love me even when I deserve it the least!"

I might not have all the answers and that is OK. I can listen to the pain of a friend. I can shed tears for her and a life she will not hold here on earth. I can understand the pain and the questions as I have walked that path myself. I can tell her the pain eases with time but tears are never far away! I am so glad I have a God who walks with me in the midst of the storms of my life!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All About Jason

It is hard to believe that 29 years ago I awoke to a totally new experience!
Having a baby!!
I remember that morning
I saw a stork, could have been a pelican I don't know! At least I thought it was
and I remember telling your dad that it would be a lot easier
if storks delivered the babies!
No such thing happened and 18 or more hours of labor later we still had NO baby!
You were in stress and that sent the hospital staff into full swing.
I was prepped for a C-section. Unfortunately we watched the
video of a C-section in our Lamaze class! I told your dad
that if I had one of those he better be in the surgery
room because I was sure I would die! They didn't let him in!
Last thing I remember seeing as I was wheeled in were the faces
of your Grandma Maclennan and your dad. Their
expressions said, "It will be OK".
I'm sure mine was, "This is the last time you will ever see me!"

Your dad was the first to see you as I was put under completely.
When I did finally see you it was hard to believe you were
actually ours. You were so small,well 7lb 130z, not
too bad as far as babies go!
You were so perfect!
This was your one month picture...
maybe only a face a mother would love?

Man we looked like kids then!
I guess we were, you know I have always told you that you were
my experiment! A tough job for one so young! But you were also the first
to make me a mom and that is a special spot!

I love babies at 3 months look how cute you turned out!
You finally had some hair.

I love this photo. You look so sweet and you were.
You would sleep anywhere, eat anything and
you smiled most of the time. The perfect first baby.

I made this little hat for you at 6 months. I believe
that must have been the start of your love of hats!

Here you are at 1 year. Being the first has its advantages look
how many photos you have! I am going to hear
from some of your siblings about their LACK
of photos!

Then along came Ryan. It did take you some time to warm up to this
little guy. I remember when Ryan was just a week or
two old you dumped him out of his little seat! You had plenty more
opportunities for loving and accepting new family members!

Can't forget all the cute costumes mom made you wear!
Maybe you are trying to forget! Not sure you liked this little bee outfit.
Check out the cute stinger!
At least they were one of a kind, handmade

Our first of many trips to Jackson, WY
This photo was taken in front of the Brunk's house with their
incredible views of the Tetons.

You look so much like Drew or should I say that he looks so much
like you in these photos. New boots... Drew even
takes after you in his love of cowboy boots, too weird!

Who can forget our bike trips in Teton Park?
Can you believe that you biked at least 10 miles on those little bikes?
No wonder Rissa is yawning!

Checking to see if you look like your dad at that age.

The family in our first Florida house.
I could have posted dozens of photos of you holding a little one.
That is what I so loved about you boys, you were never embarrassed even as
teenagers to been seen holding a little brother or sister.

Our award winning 'Family Tree' photo!
I was a little worried about putting Anna in that tree.
As promised you held her tightly!

One of my favorite places to go with kids, as you know!!
The top of the Yellowstone falls, with not much between you and millions
of gallons of rushing water! You were always order to hold
onto the little ones!

Your High School graduation photo.
I guess that was another experiment, homeschooling!
You were so little I couldn't send you to Kindergarten, so... I taught you myself.
Surely after teaching preschool for years I could handle Kindergarten!
One year led to another, and there you were graduating from High School.

Would we want to forget your graduation trip to Washington D.C.?
Well, yes maybe we would.
Two boys with casts, how do you explain that to people?
I think you and Ryan were telling people that they got into a fight with
each other. Even Lyndsie had a bandage on her head, Man, what a sight we were!

Receiving your diploma on the steps of the capital.

Love this photo of us! Me quite pregnant with Drew, you and your blond
hair! I think you always let your brother be the first to experiment with
things like that! You did not look as funny as he did though!

Headed off to college in Virginia. I hated to see you go and I missed you
so much! But it was the start of a new adventure, with you bringing
friends home often to spend the weekend. That did confuse your little
brother Drew into thinking that he had lots more brothers and sisters than he really did!

Your wedding photo in Cancun.
Between going to college in Virginia and this photo a few things happened.
You moved to CA to finish college, you graduated AND you met
Karla. How could we have guessed when we arrived at the airport to be
greeted by this sweet girl, from my hometown, that we would be priveleged to call
her our daughter. Good choice son!!

Ever the hat boy!

You and Karla

My favorite picture of us from Joel and Emily's wedding.
I love you Jason,