Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sledding on Our Hill

We have a sweet little sledding hill in our back yard. It sort of goes from our yard, flows over the retaining wall and down into the neighbor's yard! Thanks to our son-in-love Vince we got permission from the neighbors to end up in their yard!
Here's Ruth and Drew at the top.

They decided it was a lot of fun to slide down penguin style.

Drew as a penguin. Maybe not so great on the snow clothes, oh well!

Ruth catching a little air.

The first few times they went down they literally ended up ON the neighbor's fence. Since mom didn't really want to do that Ruth decided to build a wall of snow as a barrier. She even slid down it first to prove that it would hold. Somehow her weight compared to mine is not really a fair test but I decided to try it anyway!
At the top...

Coming down...

OK, I landed pretty hard....

...but it was fun anyway! I love sledding!

Crazy landings

Best buds

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Corrie said...

What fun! You are awesome at risking life and limb to hang with your kiddos. Good job at making memories with them and staying young. Love you so!