Sunday, February 28, 2010

January 2010

In January Lyndsie, David,
Joel and Emily spent two weeks with us.

David had a sledding accident.
Right here we were looking at her application
that helped you pick out baby names!
I guess I'm a little slow!
Never suspected that she was pregnant,
and she didn't breathe a word!!

Don't mess with Joel's wii control!!
We got to spend a few days in NM at
a friend's cabin to ski on their slope. The cabin
had a climbing wall, so cool! This is Ruth going up.
Here is Drew with Josh as anchor.
Up goes April, the wall was two stories high.
Joel on the sidelines coaching.
Emily climbing the wall.
The clan out in front of the cabin.

We took a little trip to Ouray to visit the Maclennans.
David loved the scenery, as we knew he would.
Had to climb over Lyndsie to get the good shots!!

Our clan and the Maclennan clan.
Actually, that is not even half of either of our clans!
So nice being close to family!!
This was the end of the ice climbing festival.
You can see someone on the ice, very incredible!!
Always have to take a trip to the new Maclennan house
to see how it is coming along!
It's looking good!
A mine building on the way to Ouray.

The family!!
Or should I say half the family?!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas Day brought Lorissa and Vince from San Diego via airplane!
We held off the gift opening until they arrived

With Jason, Karla, Ryan and Abby on ichat we were ready to open.

Santa and his Elf helper.

Steven with his new "chucks"
Drew's gift to Vince, now we can play online!
The spy goggles were the hit with everyone.
They were used to help them sled down the road at night!
Anna excited about her set of sharpies.
Spy goggles in use!
A very large elf!
The girls
Lisa Wilcox was sucked into the new wii game with Drew!!
Steven carving the beef.
The annual holiday puzzle from Lorissa and Vince.

They don't look anything alike do they?