Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Wedding 1977

Since today is our anniversary I thought I would take you back a few years, 32 to be exact! The year was 1977 when Steve and I got married. I know we look like kids and I guess we were but at the time we didn't think so and we were so in love.
Who would have thought what the years would have brought us, 12 children, 5 children in-love. We have lived in 14 different houses in 6 different states, who said life is not an adventure? We have walked through many different circumstances, the birth of 12 children, the death of my parents, the death of a child, moving, moving, moving, the marriage of 5 children, moving, pastoring in 6 different churches and did I mention moving?
Wow, I'm glad God did not give me His plan before hand or I would have never embarked on this journey. Thankfully I have had an incredible man to walk it with me, through my ups and downs and all the inbetweens. I think we are both more of what God created us to be because of all our expeiences and I really would not change even the tough times.

My baby roses for my hair turned into a Mother Nature crown!

Me in my homemade wedding dress. Steve
helped make the buttons all 30 of them.
Two of my nephews Mathew and Christopher.
They are so cute. They all have kids of their own now!
We could not choose between the nieces and nephews as to which would be in the wedding so we put them all in! There were 8 in all. Aren't they so cute? The twins, Matt and Meegan on the right, already called Steve "Uncle Teeban". They loved him!
My parents on the left and Steve's on the right.
My parents and my siblings.
I am the youngest of 8.
The wedding party.
This is my whole family, or what was my whole family at the time.
Our numbers are in the 90s now!!
The cake
The going away outfits! Steve's was a jean suit!
You don't see those everyday!!
In the car ready to go. I know I look like I was 15 but really I was 19!
And check out that studly man next to me!
Thank you Steve for all the adventures, for all the love and support
YOU are the best!
"I know I'll love you all of my days"