Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basement Revisited Once More!!

Ryan arrived on Tuesday or wee hours of Wednesday, 4am. Next morning he nailed his dad into the closet, no literally!! Well, I guess technically his dad nailed himself into the closet!! We had been hanging doors last week and it worked great with Steve on one side keeping it flush to the wall and me on the other side leveling and nailing. He saved the closet doors for Ryan's arrival because they are double doors and a little hard for me to handle. So, Steve got in the closet to keep the door flush and nail it in but the difference this time was that there were two screws in the top that he didn't account for that were now impossible to unscrew with the door nailed in!! Yes, he is now locked in the closet. Try as they might to get him out it wasn't working. They finally came upstairs and let me know what was going on. I did think it was quite funny! He sent me to the neighbors but I found a construction site, even better. I let myself in and asked if anyone had a sawzall, because my husband nailed himself in the closet. At first he was a little worried but when he saw me laughing he wasn't quite as worried. He quickly found the saw and we headed down the street. First all he had was a wood blade and that didn't work so he ran back to find another blade, a little more sawing and he was free, thanks to AJ. The girls made him cookies.
Next we were on to the tiling! After a lot of measuring and figuring and more figuring we were ready to start. Of course everyone wanted to be involved that was a lot of bodies in one bathroom. Sometimes 5 at a time in the tub scraping!! First day,after some training by Ryan, we had most of the back wall up. Second day we got the sides up working as a team. Third day we got everything done but we had a few decisions to make and found we didn't have quite enough tile to finish it the way we wanted. Fourth day, back to the store, an hour and a half away, and finish the job. All but the grout and sealing!! Not bad for a bunch of non-professionals!! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Basement Almost Complete

Down the hall to the bathroom.

This should be my last post before I post the pictures of the completed basement. We have hung the doors to the rooms,  put in all light fixtures and are in the tedious process of staining, sanding and varnishing the baseboards, door trim and doors. The bathroom mirrors and towel bars are hung.

The carpet is on order and should be installed the beginning of February. Ryan is on his way as I post this to help us tile the tub, thank you Abby! So we are well on our way to a completed project. The next step will be to move furniture in, WOW!! I will post more pictures at that time.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Precious Rebekah

Rebekah Ashleigh Quisenberry  
Today is a special day, the day our precious little Rebekah took flight for home. Though some may say an early flight, which I might agree with, we are so greatful that God entrusted us with her for even that short amount of time. I know she is in my mother's arms in heaven and we look forward to an eternity spent with them! 
Many may not know the whole story of her birth and home going so here it is. She was born in Florida at a transition point for us. We were headed to Asheville, NC and were just awaiting her birth and the sale of our house. My sister Lynelle was there, waiting, even to the point of missing her first grandson's birth. She quickly flew home to welcome him and a week later came back to assist in Rebekah's birth. What dedication!! Rebekah was born at home with the help of her dad (and mom of course!), Aunt Nelle, and friend Betty. All went well and she was welcomed and cherished by the whole family, 9 siblings to be exact! Within 10 days we had packed up the house and headed to NC.
 Since our house had not sold yet we lived at Foursquare's Camp Courtney in Hendersonville, NC for the first 6 months. We spent Christmas there with Steve's parents and his oldest brother. 
It was in the first week of January that she seemed to have trouble breathing, it only got worse. We took her to the emergency room, the doctor there being a Christian and knowing Steve was a pastor, prayed for us and Rebekah. He was not sure what was wrong. He thought that she may have pneumonia. We were sent to Mission Hospital in Asheville. After several days of tests they found a very rare congenital heart defect, Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery. She was air lifted to Duke University Hospital where she would have the surgery. The surgery corrected the defect but complications set in and her little heart and body could not recover. There was so much more that happened in that week and the weeks to come that it would take a book to cover it all!
 God's presence and His love was felt so much through that time. As a family we learned so much: how to love, to live each day to its fullest, never forget to say "I love You", hang on to God because He is the only one to pull you through the tough times, just how important family and friends are. Our Rebekah will always be remembered in our hearts, maybe with a few tears as well. We are so glad she came.

Rebekah Ashleigh Quisenberry
You came into this world and you were innocent.
We held you in our arms and fell in love.
We looked at your smile and forgot everything unfair in the world.
we touched your hands and in them was a calming peace.
We looked into your eyes and felt closer to God.
We looked at your perfect beautiful body and marveled at
God's wonderful creation.
Then you got sick and we wondered if
maybe God hadn't made you perfect after all.
We prayed, pouring our hearts out to God, asking Him to please,
please heal your tiny body.
Then we get a phone call, the worst of our lives. We hear, but refuse to believe.
How, how could this happen? Would He give you to us to love and hold,
only to snatch you away out of our reach FOREVER!!!!
He couldn't, He wouldn't. Not when He knew the pain it would cause us.
But maybe God was in pain too. Maybe He saw His perfect creation, and saw
how beautiful you are, and He just couldn't wait any longer to hold you in His
So He took you home, a little earlier than we would have wanted,
but now you won't have to know any kind of pain or sorrow.
Sometimes we feel like screaming, crying and blaming someone, even God for
your death. Maybe someday, somehow we will find a way to lessen our grief,
but I don't think so.
This will be one of those things that will become part of our lives forever.
When I would hold you I would dream of you growing up to a beautiful little
girl and I would take you with me to different places an always be with you.
Now that will never come to pass, I will have to be content with your memory,
and that will never be enough.
I knew you for eleven weeks, others were only privileged with a couple of days.
But there isn't a single person that your short life came in contact with that
doesn't feel somehow changed. And we will never forget you.
You came into this world and you were innocent.
We held you in our arms and fell in love.

This was written by Lorissa Qusenberry and read at Rebekah's Memorial Service by her cousin Corrie.