Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basement Revisited Once More!!

Ryan arrived on Tuesday or wee hours of Wednesday, 4am. Next morning he nailed his dad into the closet, no literally!! Well, I guess technically his dad nailed himself into the closet!! We had been hanging doors last week and it worked great with Steve on one side keeping it flush to the wall and me on the other side leveling and nailing. He saved the closet doors for Ryan's arrival because they are double doors and a little hard for me to handle. So, Steve got in the closet to keep the door flush and nail it in but the difference this time was that there were two screws in the top that he didn't account for that were now impossible to unscrew with the door nailed in!! Yes, he is now locked in the closet. Try as they might to get him out it wasn't working. They finally came upstairs and let me know what was going on. I did think it was quite funny! He sent me to the neighbors but I found a construction site, even better. I let myself in and asked if anyone had a sawzall, because my husband nailed himself in the closet. At first he was a little worried but when he saw me laughing he wasn't quite as worried. He quickly found the saw and we headed down the street. First all he had was a wood blade and that didn't work so he ran back to find another blade, a little more sawing and he was free, thanks to AJ. The girls made him cookies.
Next we were on to the tiling! After a lot of measuring and figuring and more figuring we were ready to start. Of course everyone wanted to be involved that was a lot of bodies in one bathroom. Sometimes 5 at a time in the tub scraping!! First day,after some training by Ryan, we had most of the back wall up. Second day we got the sides up working as a team. Third day we got everything done but we had a few decisions to make and found we didn't have quite enough tile to finish it the way we wanted. Fourth day, back to the store, an hour and a half away, and finish the job. All but the grout and sealing!! Not bad for a bunch of non-professionals!! 


Corrie said...

Hilarious! I was laughing a good one! Way to go Uncle Steve. Glad he didn't have to be in there long. And I must say I am impressed with the work that you amatures do. I would hire you any day! Love and miss you all.

Lorissa said...

I wish I was there for that one, I don't think anyone is going to let Dad live that one down!

That girl said...

Hey im a silent follower but i thought i'd leave a shout out the slide shows dont load very well so im requesting sometimes for you to do the photo's seperatly so they are easier to see :) mostly if josh and Anna are in them :)) haha..

Mama Quiz said...

Just be patient Emma, the slide shows take a little longer to load, but they are worth it because you get to see more photos!!