Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas Day brought Lorissa and Vince from San Diego via airplane!
We held off the gift opening until they arrived

With Jason, Karla, Ryan and Abby on ichat we were ready to open.

Santa and his Elf helper.

Steven with his new "chucks"
Drew's gift to Vince, now we can play online!
The spy goggles were the hit with everyone.
They were used to help them sled down the road at night!
Anna excited about her set of sharpies.
Spy goggles in use!
A very large elf!
The girls
Lisa Wilcox was sucked into the new wii game with Drew!!
Steven carving the beef.
The annual holiday puzzle from Lorissa and Vince.

They don't look anything alike do they?


Lorissa said...

Nope - we don't have any family resemblance.... But they sure do all look super cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting, Lori! Just looking at your pictures of your sweet family makes me smile! Love, Sue

Corrie said...

Love, love the last picture. Yes, they are sisters! Glad you had family with you at Christmas and that you were able to finally blog (I just updated mine too).