Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lorissa and Vince's Visit

We had a great time with Lorissa and Vince doing all the tourist things while they were here. We did the shoot out in Jackson and that was the most interesting shoot out I have ever seen!! Lots of dancing and singing, weird for a shoot out! We canoed on String Lake, and of course had a famous huckleberry shake. Vince had never actually seen the ground, or grass in ID/WY, only snow!! The weather cooperated mostly, although we did have some snow fall on us while in Yellowstone, and quite a bit on the ground in some places. We saw lots of wildlife and visited all our favorite spots in the park.

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Koko said...

So many things to say....I want to COME! It all looks so beautiful. Late June early July should be perfect. Did someone say Huckleberry ShAKe??? Next time we come we can go once every day... is that ok? Mostly we just look forward to being with our family.