Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Record Break!!!

OK, I might be hooked!! Third day in a row on the hill. The sun was shining I think it was up to 47 degrees, we now have skiers tans. Today we set out to break my record of 7 runs in a row. We did it, I made 10! I know Jason and Joel are saying we told you mom!! April was a great help teaching me to make quicker turns and how to go down the the big bump section without getting out of control. Anna took me down a trail I hadn't been on before that was a little hairy, but I made it down. I didn't look real great and I took a few falls. My last run I decided to go Alley Oop Alley( the big bumps, now that I can do it), but I also wanted to do another run. I decided at the last minute that I could do both if I hiked across the meadow, now that is determination!!

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Anonymous said...

Lori, I love your blog! But now I'm spoiled and want more posts. You must be off skiing some more, prefecting your style! Just don't forget to let us in on your comings and goings, it's so fun.