Monday, March 31, 2008

More Skiing Adventures

Yesterday was a great day!! We went to the slope after church and had about 2 hours to ski. I actually figured out how to get off the lift without help and without falling. Falling is so humiliating when they have to stop the lift and help you up. I made the first run up the lift with April as my helper and it was great. I did washboard bumps and didn't fall. I wasn't tired when I got down and said I would do it again. Actually, I did 7 runs in a row!! I was very impressed with myself since I had never done more than 2 without being worn out! Sunday was the first time I could actually enjoy skiing because I didn't have to concentrate so hard.
Today I took the kids up to the hill without Steve. The kids thought it was the best day ever. There was nice powder and no people. I took the camera and took lots of pictures. They wanted pictures of them jumping in the trick park. I even tried one at the bottom not quite enough speed but it was overall a great day. Emily and Abby next time you come out you have to try it with me!! It gets better after the first day, considering my first day I hit a tree going uphill, the only way I could stop!! Enjoy todays slide show!


Anonymous said...

Lori, I'm so proud of you! Let's hear it for the moms of the Clan, you make us all look good. Thanks for the blog and the fun it is to keep up with the Quiz's!! Sue

jasonquiz said...

Nice work mom! I told you that it just takes a few times on the hill before you get the hang of it. Soon, with your love for speed, you will be racing the kids down the slope.

lygar2 said...

I did it!! I finally found your blog. Loved it and loved the tulips full of snow. Isn't mother nature wonderful!? Now, show me pictures of your home on the outside and in the garden so I can visualize it all. Love you, Lyn