Thursday, March 27, 2008

Skiing Exploits

OK, this is for all of you who have been wondering about my exploits as a skier!! It all started when my children decided to buy me skis for my birthday in October. Really there was an ulterior motive to that, they needed a lift to the slope! If they could get me to ski I would be their lift!! First time out I could actually stand on the skis, I was shocked!Steve and Josh became my teachers. My problem was turning and stopping other than that I was great! Needless to say I fell most of the way down the hill. Little kids who could ski looked at me with wide eyes at this grown lady who was flying down the hill out of control. We have this thing called the Magic Carpet on the bunny slope, basically its like an escalator, no stairs. One time down when I couldn't stop I ended up with my feet and skis going up the carpet the rest of me flat on the snow! It literally took me 40 minutes to make two runs,most people do it in 60 seconds. That was it for that day, I spent the rest of it sitting on a bench figuring out how I could get out of ever skiing again!
Second time out,our friend Barry a ski instructor on the hill, gave me a lesson. He taught me to snowplow straight down the hill with him going backwards holding the tips of my skis together. He was great! I practiced that for a while but still could not turn.
Third time out, I could actually snowplow and stop going straight down the hill!! Steve decided that I could do the lift. He helped me off the lift, so far so good. However, the hill was very intimidating. I could only turn by planting my poles in front of me and walking my skis around. Needless to say it took a very long time to get down the hill, at least 40 min. with a lot of falls and a few screams of being way out of control. I didn't do the lift again, I was tired from snowplowing most of the way down the hill.
Next time out,yes I did it again,I'm indebted to my children,they won't let me stop,Drew taught me how to turn!I don't know why but I could just do it. Barry came by to see what I could do,he was very impressed and gave me another lesson on turning.

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