Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Visit With Joel and Emily

Joel and Emily arrived later in January for a visit before Lyndsie returned to North Carolina. They came into Jackson on a beautiful sunny day, so we showed them the sights and took some photos. Being only about 8 degrees we didn't spend too much time outside. We spent one day skiing at Grand Targhee, another day sledding, mostly we just hung out. The day they were to leave we had an avalanche on the pass and couldn't get to the Jackson airport. We tried to get to Idaho Falls airport but all the roads were impassable. They ended up with an extra evening with us and finally got out the next evening, just barely! We have had one very wild winter!! The house got a little too quiet for Lyndsie when everyone was gone. We so enjoyed getting to know Joel's Emily better.


Rissa said...

I love getting to see what happens in Wyoming/Idaho even when I'm not there! Thanks for putting up the blog. I love and miss you all.

jasonquiz said...

Bummer that we were not all there at the same time. Hopefully next time!

Joel Qu.............. said...

i like your blog, can you send me some of these pictures sometime? :) thanks