Saturday, October 4, 2008

Victoria, Canada

Friday we got up  early and drove to Port Angeles to catch the ferry to Victoria Island in Canada. We walked around the city and poked about in some shops, the kids favorite was the toy shop where the shopkeeper had them playing some game that shocks the losers, fun! We ate at the same restaurant we ate at years ago, The Sticky Wicket. They still have great fish and chips! We walked through the incredible Empress Hotel and stopped in the Parliament Building. Flowers hang on every block in this city and are always beautiful.  You can ride in a open carriage with a top hat driver, a very quaint city! After hitting all the hot spots we got back on the ferry and just as we pulled out of the bay the sun came out, first sun we had seen all day.  Actually, the weather was not that bad for September in Washington at least we were not rained on! All in all, a fabulous day!

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