Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ouray,Colorado with the Maclennans

The town of Ouray nestled between mountains is where my brother and his family live. We traveled about 75 miles from our home in Durango over several mountain passes to reach them on Labor Day weekend. The day had a chance of scattered showers and of course they found us during our hike to view the town from above! We came back to their house and waited out the storm, and dried off a bit. When the storm let up we set out for their new house up the mountain to have a cook out. On the menu was hobo stew, garlic french bread (both items cooked over the fire), layered salad, watermellon and of course smores! Sounds pretty good! It was! The kids also fished in their pond and cooked one of the fish. No shortage of food here. Next time we will remember to bring some flash lights! A little dark when the sun goes down and the fire is put out! A great time was had by all! Thanks Maclennans!
View from their front door.


Lorissa said...

welcome back to the blogging world! thanks for the update.... one comment though, we still need a new family photo for the header - people might begin to think you have favorites!

Love you,

Lyndsie said...

Begin to think?

Koko Quiz said...

ohhh girls girls did mom not tell you??? I am her favorite!!! tee he he BUT seriously. No offense mom but she probably does not know how to change that. I did not either for the longest time.

Thanks for the update. Girls go drink some haterade. j/k love you both.