Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunt

This year, once again, we set out into the woods to
find the perfect Christmas tree.
Although, some found it more fun to create a
shelter or teepee!

Very ingenious, but I'm not too sure those leaves
will be much protection from the snow
or the wild animals.
The teepee crew
The award for finding the tree goes to Anna and Steven,
who I might add were not part of the teepee
The trunk was not too big so
Ruth and
went at it!
The supervisors!
The whole tree hunting crew!
Emma, Josh, April, Drew, Ruth, Dad, Steven and Anna
Taking it out
Waiting for the vehicle
Tying it on
Putting the ornaments on
Drew, Anna and Ruth
Steven adding his ornaments
April putting up hers.
Ruth all decked out in Christmas decorations.
Last but not least the Christmas tree decorating
Cookies! Yes, they were


Corrie said...

Glad to see someone else knows the joys of finding your Christmas tree in the forest. Our tree was the best one yet!

Jill said...

Ok. The teepee was awesome. I know it wasn't part of the tree hunting but it was pretty stinkin' cool. Very impressive. And the tree was great too :)