Tuesday, October 19, 2010



He is the youngest of 12 children. Born at home
in Leicester, NC. He is an amazing gift to this family!

His first bath with the whole family looking on.

Everyone gets to hold the new baby, Steven and Ruthie's turn.

Proud dad!!

Lyndsie and Ruthie

Lorissa and Drew asleep, she deserves it she labored
through the night with me and into the wee hours of
the morning!! Who says #12 is easy?

Big Brother Jason home from college to meet the
newest member.

Aunt Rodalee. I can't thank my sisters
enough for stepping into the roll of my
missing mom to be there for the
births of my children.

Andrew's slightly crazy family.

No first year would be complete with out a trip
to the beach and....
your first snowman, of course!!

When Drew saw this photo he said, "This is proof
that Ruth liked me once!" My thoughts
exactly, lol.

Drew in his cute outfit, made by mom!!
He looks sharp in a bowtie!!

A watermellon that we grew as big as Drew!

Drew has always been a lover of tractors, especially John
Deere. Even at this age he could spot one while we were driving
and he knew what each of them was used for.
Here he is with his dad watching the tractors work
next door to our house.

What could be better than to be atop your
tallest brother?

Well, maybe a new John Deere for your birthday!

Andrew loves to pretend....
here he is with mom as outlaws...

Or maybe he is Superman.

He loves babies...here he is with his best bud Jadon.

He loves his sisters enough to let them do this....

or this!

If you play poker with him he just might win.

He loves to pose for his sister's photos...

or climb a wall...

Or drive a John Deere!!

His 10th birthday party!!!

This is our Drew completely secure in who he is.
At ease with babies or adults...
totally happy wearing his favorite color-pink...
or being totally a boy!!
What would our life be with out him?
Happy Birthday Drew Bug
I Love You!!

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Anonymous said...

Andrew boy don't worry, just keep your head and treat her right and your sister will like you again before all is said and done. That's the good news. The bad news is you will probably never live down the makeup. Sorry dude, you're just going to have to deal.