Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Andrew's Baptism and A Visit to Andrew's Lake

I am almost caught up on my blogging! That means
pictures of the grandbabies to come!!
First, Andrew got baptized this summer...

...and his dad got to do it!

Love the look on his face here!

Hugs from dad!

One Sunday when we just had two kids....
we decided to go for a drive.

We passed the sign for Andrew's Lake everytime
we went to Silverton or to Ouray.
So, with Andrew along, we packed a lunch and off
we went.

While eating our lunch we had the whole flock of ducks
around us!

Attempted to take a hike around the lake...
not exactly a marked path. So the kids
would run ahead and scout it out for us.
This one was a wrong turn.

Really a pretty little lake.

Lots of wildflowers out at this time.

We did actually make it all the way around the lake
but we sort of had to forge our own trail.
A great day!

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Just Me - The Champion said...

The reflection of the clouds on the lake are beautiful. You took awesome pictures of all of it. Andrew is a blessing to all of us. Good times with your family. Good times. :) Love, Jen