Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California Part 3-Mendocino


Across the Benicia Bridge, the new one...

...past the Mothball Fleet...

a quick stop at In-N-Out for burgers (some huge
burgers) and fries.

Past the beautiful vineyards....

through the majestic redwoods....

...time to roll down the windows and
smell the redwoods... our first views of the ocean!!

This is my sister's new room
where I got to sleep...
all by myself!!

It sits atop their garage.
This is the view from their porch.

The ceilings were made from an
old redwood tank.

In my sister's style-
windows everywhere including the bathroom!

The room was painted a beautiful blue
which inspired me to paint our
new room a similar color.

This is the view you wake up to every
With the windows open you can hear the sounds
of the ocean too!!!

First stop after my sister's house....
the beach of course!!!

April and me enjoying the views.


Steven, Anna, Aunt Nelle, April
Drew and Ruth

At low tide we went to the
tidal pools to
see what we could find.


More sea anemomes and sea urchins.


Can you hear the crash of the waves?

This says it all for me...
I love the ocean!

And my kids!!
Anna and me

Through the trees to yet another beach.
I think we went to three the first day!!
My sister knows what I like!

I think this is a chiton....

....anyway it is cool.
We tried to get it to uncurl, but
it was too scared.

Steven found a crab.

The visit wouldn't be complete without
a trip to Glass Beach.

At the house, they had fun with the
cousins' homemade coaster.

One last trip to the beach.

Building a castle.

Uncle Gary's fundraiser Bird house
for the Botanical Gardens.
A replica of the Presbyterian Church in town.

We visited the newly opened Rec Center.

Kids in the lazy river.

Cousin Alexandra and Ruth

Top of one of the buildings in

Here is the Presbyterian Church
which the bird house was
patterned after.

Final glimpses of the ocean.

Thanks Lyn and Gar for sharing your
beautiful house and your ocean!!
Can't wait to visit again.

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Jill said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I don't think I'd be leaving that amazing room anytime fun! Love the beach pics. This looks like it was an amazing vacation!