Monday, January 9, 2012


New family photo
of those at home.

I was reminded that I haven't blogged in ONE WHOLE year!! It was a long and sometimes difficult year and once again I am at the anniversary of Rebekah's death. Yet this year I choose to celebrate LIFE. Rebekah's life... My children's granchildren's lives!! Each and everyone of them are so worth celebrating!

I have had the privilege of bringing twelve remarkable, eternal souls into this world. I guess my life would have been easier if I'd only had a few children. However, I would not trade a single one of them because they have brought a richness to my life that could have been gained no other way.

How else would I have learned that love is unconditional? Or how God could love so many of us with the same amount of love, yet uniquely? Or understand the pain the Father must have felt to watch His Son die for all of us? Where else would I have learned about self-sacrificing love?

Now I have the blessing of watching my children have children of their own. I'm not sure how to describe the pride and joy that is in my heart watching them become parents. They are all so amazing. My grand kids fill my soul with joy!! I love being a grandma : )

Ryan, Abby and Finley
Christmas last year.

Finn was adopted from Uganda
First time to meet him!

Miss Bentlee growing so fast

Mr Finn

Grandma and Bentlee
beach in SC

Finn and Cousin B

Smelling the dandelions

They act like twins : )

Together again in Charleston
October 2011

Lyndsie, David and Bentlee

Finn and his Bobos

Ryan, Abby and Finley

Nana and Finn
at the hospital with new cousin

First photo of Francesca
So glad she made it finally!!

Uncle Ryan and the proud Daddy

Lovin' his sweet girl

Kisses from mom

So sweet!!

Nana and the new cousins
Finn fixing her bow.

Birth announcement

Tired baby

Number four grandchild on the way.
Arrival April 2012!
Did I mention that I love being a Grandma?!!

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Corrie said...

So glad you blogged again! I took a little break too but have gotten all caught up. Such a great family you have, one of my favorites as you know. I'm so thankful for all the joy God gives you in your children and grandkids. I can't wait to be together again!