Monday, July 7, 2008


For those of you asking about Ruth, I thought I should give you an update. After just two weeks she is almost completely healed. She still has a small scab on her lip and you can still see the marks under her cheek and on her shoulder where her skin was rubbed off.  For quite a while she would wear her hat so low on her face that no one could see it!! Now she still wears her hat but just to keep the sun off, so she doesn't scar. Thanks for the prayers and the calls and comments on the blog, she appreciated them. Here's a new photo so you can see for yourself, God did a pretty amazing job with our bodies that they heal so fast!!


RyanQuiz said...

Oh ya! Your looking good Ruthie!

Abigail Q said...

Wow! So much better!

Rodalee said...

Ruthie you look terrific! Keep smiling. Love, Aunt Rod