Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ryan and Abbys Visit in June

Ryan and Abby came for a visit last month, so of course we did the Yellowstone trip since Abby had never been there before. Abby tried very hard to get me a good picture of a moose. They followed him to the river but never got quite the right shot. Maybe next trip to Yellowstone!! We saw lots of wildlife, besides our family, moose, elk, buffalo,deer and three bears!!  We sort of ate our way through the park (we had a bit of junk food) but had a great time.  
Their trip was short but sweet (except for not having their suitcases) in on Tuesday gone by Thursday. We take what we can get and enjoy every minute of it!
Ryan even got in on a little construction in the basement. Which is moving along quite nicely, Steve is running the wiring now.

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Abigail Q said...

so really, could you post some new pictures? I'm dying over here and wanna see all the fun you had!