Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Summer

Abby and Sue you were right I haven't been blogging enough. My last post was July 10th and I almost couldn't remember my password it has been so long!!
We just said goodbye to Lorissa and Vince the last of our summer visitors. If anyone else decides to come it will definatly be fall weather here!I believe summer is over even though it is only the beginning of September, we've already had our first snow (last Monday!), and Steve had to scrape the ice from Lorissa and Vince's car this morning. I've already put the last of the guest sheets and towels in the wash, made Drew's bed (the guest bed),and moved all his belongings from our room which is where he has been sleeping for the last three weeks. And its not even 8 o'clock in the morning!! What will I do for the rest of the day? I am really going to miss our activities director, Vince! He always had some plan for the day!!
I am not going to attempt to put everything that we did this summer into this blog or you will never get to read it! So, for today I will just start out with an update on Lorissa and Vince, the rest you will get in subsequent blogs. So you can start checking it again!
The Medranos have decided to move to Olympia, Washington. They were sort of inbetween jobs and lacking a home when they arrived here on August 18th but God is good and by the time they left Vince had accepted a position with a non-profit organization that works right in the downtown area of Olympia helping troubled teens. I'm excited to see how God is going to use Vince's talents for this position. Lorissa decided not to take the job offered at the foursquare church there as the position was not what she was looking for. She will look for work when they get there hopefully sometime next week. I don't imagine she will have any trouble, after all who wouldn't want Lorissa? While they were here they looked online (too bad we didn't have that in our days of moving!) to find an apartment. They had already been to Olympia in August and checked out some of the areas so they knew where to look. They sent in an application and a deposit so they should be hearing from them today on the drive back to LA if they got it or not. They will spend a few days in LA saying goodbye to family and friends and next week pack up a moving truck and head off on a new adventure. Vince didn't know what he was getting into when he married into the Quisenberry family as that seems to be the story of our life!! Vince I know how you feel, I lived in the same house for 19 years until I married Steve!! Pray for them they have a lot of changes ahead but also a very exciting time.


Abigail Q said...

So excited to finally know whats up with Vince and Rissa and see some blogging action!

Now do you have any pictures of the fun you had huckleberry picking? I'm dying to see if they come on the ground like strawberries or bushes like blueberries or trees like cherries..

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the fun summer...It is strange waking up to a quiet house and no smell of coffee and breakfast cooking. We are in the new apartment and trying to unpack as fast as possible. I think we are going to start up a blog here pretty soon to keep you all in the loop.
Love you, Lorissa