Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to August

Let's see where to start? We celebrated Aunt Bonnie's birthday on August 16th and from then on it was non-stop action. Lorissa and Vince arrived on Monday night, Lyndsie and her boyfriend David arrived on Tuesday and Jason and Karla joined the fun on Friday! So, we did go huckleberry picking on Thursday, but no pictures. Sorry Abby! We managed to get a bag full with all of us hunting, sort of the end of the season. Ruth was RUNNING up the path and tripped over a stick, reminiscent of the Family Reunion. This time it was just her leg that got injured not her eye!! We made some good huckleberry muffins!!

Saturday we headed out with the older kids to Yellowstone Park, with breakfast at the Teepees in Moose! It was a little cold but the view and the company were incredible!! After that it was off to see Old Faithful. We were up close with a buffalo, ate lunch at the lodge and took a tour of the lodge, lunch and the tour were a first for us! Both worth it!!
We did lots of walking,took lots of photos, saw lots of animals and had lots of fun!! You can see for yourself with the photos!!

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