Sunday, September 14, 2008

String Lake

On Sunday we went to church, made pizza and mostly hung out. Monday we packed a lunch and headed to String Lake with the Brunk's canoes. The day was gorgeous, the scenery majestic and the canoes were a blast! String Lake is a fairly shallow lake so the water is warmer than most of the mountain lakes. Still too cold for me to want to swim. The lake is situated right at the base of the Tetons in Teton National Park. The views don't get much better!! The little kids found very small fish in the shallows and kept busy catching them. We had several canoe races, I think I won! Helps to know which canoe is the fastest!! OK, I won with the help of my boys, we make a great team! We left right before a storm blew in!
I had to use Jason and Karla's photos for this blog as my camera had no batteries that day! Wonder where they were? Maybe in the gaming system remotes!!


Anonymous said...

The water might be warmer than other lakes...but still too cold for me!


Anonymous said...

We want more. WE want more (shouting) Lori you need to update us.