Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Basement Update

I am way behind in blogging but mostly it is due to our basement. We are actually making progress, sometimes it just seems very slow!! However, today I have photos for you of some completed rooms. Well, not actually completed as in you could live in them right now. The sheet rock is all up, and this is a major feat for us! The bathroom was the most time consuming as there were a lot of things to cut around. We had to put up durarock to attach our tiles to, that was not fun to work with. We have both the boys' rooms done, closets and all. The girls' will be next but we are waiting on our electrician to fix a small problem before we can complete all of it. Tiling the bathroom floor will be our next project as that must be done before the cabinets and the fixtures can be installed!! The photos are a little dark, that just means that things are closed in, yessss! Thanks to all of you out there who had a part in getting us to this point! We couldn't have done it with out you, OK, we could have but we would have a lot farther to go and it wouldn't have been as much fun!!

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Anonymous said...

WOw!! It looks awesome. Good work...

I'm excited for the kids. Can't wait to see the finishing product.