Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to August Again

I have to finish the photos for August before I can move on to our trip to Washington!! After Lyndsie and David left we decided to take a "little" hike. The boys had just been to the Wind Caves and said its not a bad hike. So, we geared up and off we went. Well, we had to drive over thirty minutes down a dirt road, with Josh driving, this should have been my first clue this would not be a couple hour hike!! It was very pretty in this little valley but I kept asking,"How much farther?" The answer was always we're about half way there. After the third time hearing this I decided maybe we shouldn't go all the way to the caves. I was vetoed! We made it, the views were amazing but it was more hike than I intended. Jason apparently had time to take pictures of flowers, I don't know if I even saw flowers, I was just trying to breathe and keep up!! On the way back Steven fell down the rocky hillside and cut up his legs.He did manage to keep his Red Bull can upright!! It was very steep in some places as you can see from the photos, which I got from Jason and Karla's camera as I didn't have mine with me. They took some great shots.

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