Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Visit with Bruce and Sue

On Saturday my Brother Bruce and his wife Sue arrived with tools in hand. Of course we put them right to work in the basement! With their help we got all of the hall done and most of the first bedroom.
Sunday was rainy so we played games,somehow Aunt Sue lost the game and won the privilege of treating everyone to world famous huckleberry shakes!?! Thanks Aunt Sue!
The next day was not much better as far as the weather went. They never got to see the view of the mountains from our side! We really do have one! However, Uncle Bruce took April, Ruth and Drew fishing. Actually, I don't think he did any fishing. Mostly he was kept busy keeping bait on their lines. When they got home they were sad faced and said they didn't catch ONE fish! Of course, Sue and I felt sorry for them, then to our surprise they produced 25 of them. We spent the next hour gutting them. Ruthie really got into it, literally. Thanks Uncle Bruce.
That evening we ate at Bubus and took a drive and actually saw some wildlife (besides Quisenberrys!). We saw a moose down by the river, a herd of buffalo, and a herd of antelope! Still no view of the Tetons even from the Jackson side! Next time. You will have to come back to see the finished basement and enjoy the labor you put in! Thanks for the visit.

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Lorissa said...

We are the best group of unqualified constructions workers you can find in all of Idaho!
Hopefully no walls fall down...