Thursday, October 2, 2008

Washington with Grandma and Grandpa

Bright and early Monday morning,( actually it wasn't bright at all) only 5 am, the 15th of September we headed off to Washington to visit Steve's parents. About 13 hours later we were on the ferry crossing the sound headed to our destination of Port Ludlow. Wish I had gone down to the car to get the camera because the city was clear. The rest of the week Seattle was in the clouds. I got some good photos later anyway. We had not been to his parent's house in at least eight years, which means Drew had never been there and Ruth didn't remember it. We of course had seen them many times between that just in other places. It was nice to be there with them again. I had forgotten how beautiful and mountainous it is.  I can understand why they decided to retire there!
The next day we visited the local sites, Historic Port Gamble and the Navy Undersea Museum. The museum had a new exhibit about the wives and families of the submarine sailors. Wow, I could not be one of those! Glad I'm not one, pastor's wife is interesting enough for me!!
That evening Steve and I spent the night at the Inn at Hadlock, just around the sound from Port Ludlow while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. His parents had a free room there and gave it to us, what a privilege! We enjoyed watching the sunset over the harbor and the quiet. Thanks Betty and Joe!!


Abigail Q said...

oh my goodness! These pictures are AMAZING! I want some for my fridge!

Lorissa said...

I've totally been there! But I don't remember being able to dress up in costumes...I guess it has been several years since I was there.