Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter in October

Does this look like Fall to you?!? Since my birthday it has been snowing. Yesterday it was really coming down, so I was wrong Joel, it did stick! This probably won't last but wow!
I know I have a lot of blogs that I need to do but I thought that I would show you what I have been doing instead! Just look at those beautiful tiles! We are about half-way done with the bathroom. I'm not sure tiling is for me either as I spent until 8pm scraping out cement from between tiles before it dried. I said I should have been praying while doing it because I don't think God intended us to spend that much time on our knees unless it was in prayer!! Anyway, I better get back down there to finish, I can hear Steve down there and he needs his "forman"! (Or should that be forwoman?)


Lorissa said...

Beautiful snow, beautiful tiles...I can't wait for the basement to be finished so you can enjoy the winter, but then what would Dad do with all his free time?

Abigail Q said...

beautiful job on the tiling!

Anonymous said...

Mama Q. why no more posts??!!

karla q.

Anonymous said...

Computer battery died, we can't post anything more =(

Koko said...

hmmm.... Call you later