Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring in the Mountains and Broken Arms


We went to bed last night with the snow still coming down!! YES, I said snow. Some of you don't understand that with temperatures still in the 70s and 80s but around here Spring often comes with more snow.

OK, that line was written on Monday of this week right before our friends came over with dinner!! From there I never got the computer back again, you have to wait in a long line around here!! Ever since Monday the skies have been spitting snow, rain, hail or something in between. Which is probably why Wednesday night's accident happened, Yes, Spring Fever that's what I'm calling it.

Just finished dinner and we hear some yelling downstairs not so unusual in a house full of kids. Up the stairs comes Steven carrying his little brother, Drew, trying to calm him down he carries him to me. I'm looking all over for blood, don't see anything, so now I'm looking at Steven and asking what happened and what's wrong with him. I realize later that he is trying to tell me with his eyes so that he doesn't alarm his little brother as to how bad he thinks it is. However, I'm getting slightly annoyed because I don't get what he's silently telling me. Finally, he says look at his arm, OH, now I get it! Looks broken for sure!
I sit down and try to calm him now that he knows what it is, thanks to my dullness. I try to put him in a position that won't hurt while everyone else scrambles around to get our shoes and coats and a little pain killer! We head to the hospital trying to keep his arm still over the bumps, OUCH! I can tell he is getting more and more worried about the broken arm and the hospital so I make a call to his big brothers in California. Getting them on the line I tell them what is going on and tell them their little buddy needs a bit of distraction to get him to the hospital! Bless them they talked to him the whole way and by the time he got to the hospital he was so brave!! Thanks Jason and Ryan, you saved the day!!
He broke both bones in his arm! Ends up they were climbing on the back of the couch with Steven pushing them off! He slipped or was pushed(?) and came down catching his fall with his hand. The arm was ex-rayed and splinted and we were sent home. Next day we call the clinic and they tell us to come in to cast it about 1:30. We sit in the room for awhile and then she tells us that we will have to see an orthopedic MD and theirs is out of town for seven more days and Drew  can't wait that long in a splint!! OK! We have to go over the mountain to Wilson the next day. Seems like a good Doctor knows his stuff, Drew's ex-ray looks good, won't have to be manipulated to set it, YES! What color does Drew pick for his cast? Well see for yourself. We have one very secure boy yes- sirree.


Anonymous said...

Love your post, Lori! So fun to hear "the rest of the story." Made me feel like I was right there in your wonderful and usually happy home. Please tell Drew I think his cast is very cool.....definitely a lifetime memory! I love you all, Sue

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you have loved to have been a 'fly on the wall'?!? All's well that ends well. I love the pink too...makes your face glow Drew! Like I said...I guess you get to direct everyone filling those boxes. Especially Steven when he loads up YOUR room :)!
Love, Aunt Rod

Koko Quiz said...

Love the cast!! I'm so happy your back to blogging. I missed you around here.

Love you guys!

Corrie said...

Missed the blogging too! I was just on my friends blog and her latest post was of her little girls broken arm and yep, you guessed it, PINK cast! Love it and love that he chose it. Miss you guys.