Friday, October 2, 2009

Field Trip to Silverton

Our homeschool group took a trip to Silverton, Colorado, a mining town 50 miles north of Durango on the road to Ouray, to visit the museum and cemeteries there. James was our docent and made up a good scavenger hunt just for us. We learned a lot! Do you know what a Tommy Knocker is? We do!!! We learned that they tried lots of different drills to get the silver out of the mines. But most of all we learned that mining was a very dangerous and underpaid job.

Did you know that they had potty cars in the mines?
Miners waiting in line!
The Palmer family in the mineral room.
We took a walk through the Cemetery as well to see what we could find. Here is a body (Kayla) ready to be buried!! We did a scavenger hunt up here as well. This was a huge cemetery and we scattered all over it hunting for unique tombstones.

Some of our group.

Some beautiful scenery!

The drive home was made very interesting by some great kids!
The Three Stooges - Adam (above), Steven & KC (below).


Jill said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you for that hot picture you posted of me. Really? That's the best one you got of me? :) I'm sure I have some good ones of you too....hahaha! Just wait!

Koko Quiz said...

looks like it was great fun!