Saturday, October 24, 2009



Wow, I love October! Not because it holds my birthday but because it is Fall! Fall is so beautiful! I love all the seasons but Fall is my favorite. The colors,
the cool air,
the smells,
warm blankets,

Drew celebrated his 9th birthday with a very rich ice cream cake!
We were joined for dessert by Linn and Big Jim, what a treat!
Yes, cowboy boots from the Stumps to complete his outfit!

Check out the size difference between Big Jim and Drew!!

Transformers from Lorissa and Vince!

His dad took him out to lunch and then to pick out a skate board and helmet from us and his grandparents. Of course he had to try it out first thing!!
My Birthday!!

Of course October is Rebekah's birthday too!
While we celebrate her short life it always comes with just a touch of sadness, knowing she would be 12 this year and wondering just what she would be like.
Flowers to celebrate her life from Lorissa and Vince.

Most of all,
I am thankful that God brought this little guy into our lives to give us a reason to celebrate in October once again. We love you Drew!!


Jill said...

Rebekah is so beautiful! And beautiful flowers to celebrate life. What a gift.

And Drew! Well we just think he's one of the coolest kids we know. So thankful he was born because he is a delight to everyone. My kids adore him.

Thank you Lori for coming to Durango. You have the best family and we love you guys!

carie said...

so happy God brought you here so i could know you. you and your family are a blessing to me.
rebekah is darling and was a gift to your family. so sorry for your loss.
loving the fall colors this year.
tell drew i want a two step with him and a piece of that cake. too late for the cake, but i can get a dance out of him!

Koko Quiz said...

what a beautiful post. thank you for sharing with pictures....I'm so happy for Drew and his skateboard!! We love you & October happens to be one of my favorite months too!

Corrie said...

So thankful for Drew too! He is such a cutie. Mattie was just talking about him the other day and remembering how kind and fun he was to play with at the wedding. God is good and always knows our needs. Missing you as always!

Lyndsie said...

Love the last picture of drew, he looks so big!!