Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is the story of our Anna Grace....
The day of her birth, August 3rd, 1994, dawned and we called the midwife.
To our surprise she was hours away and
unable the attend the birth. We lived in
Sanford, Florida at this time.

She gave Steve a quick birthing lesson over
the phone. He HAD been to a few others
by this time, but only one other
home birth.

All went well...
Dr. Dad was fantastic, I think he missed his calling!

Mom, Anna and proud brother Josh

Steven checking out his new rival!
Lyndsie getting him to be gentle that would
prove to be a challenge!

Aunt Rod was there for the birth.
She is quite proud of saying she helped deliver Anna.
If my memory is right...
I do believe she looked worse than I did when all
was said and done.
Not sure which one of us worked harder!!

Lorissa is pretty comfortable with the big
sister role.

Ryan holding the new bundle.

Mom and Anna at 1 month.

Anna at 4 months.
By this time we figured out that she
was not going to smile for a camera.
The girl who took this at the studio said that
would win an award.
She is so cute!!!

At 9 months we could get her to smile
for the camera, finally!

Steven giving her a little too much love.

Anna at one year
in her birthday dress from her big brother
and sister.
Almost a smile!

In her funky hat.

Not quite two and yes that is a cast...
yes she is in a pool.
They had this new material that could get wet...
didn't use it for long as they discovered
that it made your skin get very nasty.
Thankfully she did not have to wear it long.

The bathing beauty.

Showing off her stuff and her
brother's boots!

Lost teeth

At about 7 or 8,
she really did like to pose for
pictures, not much has changed there!!
Modeling her new clothes.

A snowy day in Asheville, NC
her home since she was 3.

There she is with a tie dyed shirt...
nothing different there either!

Family photo with the boys home from college.
Lyndsie, Joel, Jason, Ryan holding Drew, Lorissa
Steven, Ruthie, Anna, Josh, and April

Girls in their Easter Dresses.
Lorissa, April, Anna, Lyndsie and Ruth

Road trip

Who is this girl that falls into the eighth position(a very good
position) in our family?
She is full of life, loves her family...

Loves to be crazy, slightly obsessed with taking photos...

loves her mom of course!!

has a love affair with sharpies...

a thing about mustaches

of all sorts and shapes.

She is fun loving, compassionate and beautiful.
Our lives would certainly be
boring without her!

Did I say she likes to dance? Oh yeah!
And that about sums it up...
this is our Anna!
Can't wait to see where God takes her.
We love her!!
Happy Belated Birthday!


Tiffany said...

I just realized you could probably fill your blog with just birthday posts! I have to say, your daughter has blessed us tremendously since you moved here. I simply adore her. What a treasure Anna is.

Lorissa said...

Oh Anna - she survived Stevie's murder attempts and the tragic trampoline incident - and was she the one who had all the arms out of sockets that I had to punch back in? Such a traumatic life!

Corrie said...

Love that girl and all her crazy quirks! Miss you all!

Just Me - The Champion said...

I love that you have pictures of every stage of her life. I have three and I can say that I don't think I've documented Josie's life near that well. Can I just tell you that Anna was a beautiful baby.. her cheeks and eyes are so adorable! I bet she was hugged and kissed a lot. I love Anna because like all of your kids... she is an original. I know God has so much in store for this precious girl of yours. She can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to. When you mentioned Josh was in the photo with Anna... I was like "look at Drew... how sweet he was!" Anyway, thanks for sharing. I am putting this blog on my blog favs. Love you Lori, Jen