Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Rebekah Ashleigh Quisenberry

Today you would be 13!
Can that really did so much time
go by? It seems like yesterday when you were
born and we all held you in our arms. You were
the sweetest baby, always happy.
All who saw you knew there was something special
about you.

Who would you most look like... Lorissa or Lyndsie perhaps?
Would you be April's best friend?
Would you like photograhpy like your big sister Anna?
Would your brothers tease you relentlessly but protect
you with their lives?
Would your little brother and sister adore you?
Too soon you left us with aches
in our hearts and minds full of questions!
We love you little girl!
I would not wish you the heartache of this life.
I know you walk with the one who loved you
with His life.
So until the day we once
again behold you with our eyes...
we hold you in our hearts!
I love you, mom.


Corrie said...

I can't help but cry at this post. What a precious gift she was. I can not wait till the day that I get to see her too! Love you!

Just Me - The Champion said...


I had no idea it was Rebekah's birthday on the 20th. *tears are flowing* What a sweet precious girl. How beautiful! What an honest heartfelt post. And how true it is that your sweet baby girl is joyfully dancing with our Jesus and there is no pain, no tears and no yuck of this world where she is. Oh words cannot express to you how much I appreciate you. Praying for you sweet friend. lv, jen

Miss. Jinny said...

Dear Rebekah,

Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl! Your family loves you so very much and I am so sad I never got to meet you however one day we will meet and I will give you the biggest hug ever! :) I know that you have the best birthday parties up in heaven! :) I love you even though I don't know you and I am so blessed by the rest of your family! :) I love you Mama Lori! :)