Thursday, October 21, 2010


This post is very old I know, but I must
be a very sequential person because
I do not like posting out of order!!
my life does not always bring me order so...
I had to throw in some birthday blogs and other
assorted things, now I can go back to order.
You will just have to wait for all my baby photos until
I am caught up!!!
This is still a June post with my family in CA for my
niece's wedding.
After the wedding we all got together and hung out...
and ate of course!!

Guys watching the game....

ladies and children chatting.

Anna pulled us all into her obsession with mustaches....

This one made from a plastic knife and her ever present sharpie!!

Or it could be the unibrow!

Cousins had fun getting to know one another.
Chesnie and Lily

Emmy and Drew

Crazy cousins...
Kendra, Ruth, Mattie, Anna

Then it was time for some good-byes.
Why to the call them good?

Joel and Emily had to head home.


having fun, but missing some:(

Hanging out on Rissa and Vince's last day.

Vince made us try to see if we could tell the difference
between coke and sprite with a blindfold on.
He swore there was a study done and most
people couldn't tell the difference.

Obviously we are not MOST people!
Never know with Vince it could have been totally bogus.

We spent most of our time hanging out at
Jason and Karla's place in the country.

They had this cute little covered porch
that we ate our meals in.

Enough room for everybody!

There was a lot of wii playing.

Their dogs like to chase the squirels up the trees.

View from the backyard.
Great times, thanks Ryan and Abby
and Jason and Karla for letting us
all hang at your places!
We miss you!

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Just Me - The Champion said...

It is nice to see your whole family together. I feel like we only really know a slice of the Quisenberry Dozen. But what a blessing you all are to me. It's funny to me how Lorisa and April and Anna all look like each other. (like they are sisters or somethin! ;)